Winnebago Industries manufactures most of the components in their motorhomes to better control quality and fit. This required the construction of several manufacturing facilities, including the state-of-the-art CAPCO aluminum extrusion plant that provides aluminum products for Winnebago motorhomes and several companies across the Midwest.

  • Capco

    Creative Aluminum Products Company (CAPCO) first converts billets of superheated aluminum into extrusions using two large presses. Then these extrusions are used to make windows, ladders, screen doors, and other items.

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  • Rotocast

    The Rotocast facility contains large rotational molding machines used to produce items such as holding tanks, water tanks, luggage compartments, heat ducts, and wheel wells.

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  • Stitchcraft

    The Stitchcraft division is responsible for providing soft goods for Winnebago motorhomes. These include chairs, sofas, cushions, draperies, shades, foam mattresses, bedspreads, carpets, and trim panels.

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