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Specialty Vehicles

Going Mobile

Choosing the right platform for your specialty vehicle.

A mobile specialty vehicle provides an efficient way for public, private and government organizations to bring services of all types to where they’re most needed. Winnebago commercial shell platforms are used for many applications, including the examples listed below.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

We have been building commercial vehicle platforms for over 40 years, and we work with many of the leading upfitters in the industry.

When designing a mobile solution, there is no better starting point that a commercial shell from Winnebago Specialty Vehicles. Here’s why:

Winnebago Specialty Vehicles Factory


Our commercial shells are built with Winnebago’s legendary SuperStructure construction, which includes a steel cage around the cab for occupant safety. In addition, the walls are designed for strength and ease of upfitting, with vertical beams 16" on center and steel backing for mounting items like cabinets. We also include a 1 1/8" plywood floor to create an incredibly solid surface. These and many other features ensure lasting quality and simplify upfitting.


We have substantial engineering and manufacturing expertise, built over decades working with a wide variety of applications. We work closely with you to understand the application and help ensure the platform design and sub-systems are well matched to it.


We are the only supplier of an all-electric F53 based commercial platform. We also pioneered the use of battery systems to replace generators, thereby allowing zero-emissions and zero noise vehicle operation when parked. We are constantly evaluating and incorporating the latest new technologies.


We are here to support you for the long term. Winnebago has been serving customers for over 60 years and will be here to support you. Winnebago Specialty Vehicles has a dedicated Customer Support Team to provide a single point of contact for all of your service needs.

Chassis Options for Any Application

We offer a number of different chassis, including a gas-powered Ford and diesel Freightliner commercial shells, in 33 and 38 ft lengths. We also offer the only all-electric commercial shell on an F53 chassis. This lithium-based vehicle is available in a 33 ft platform.

Winnebago Specialty Vehicles is expanding the available platforms. If you need a different size platform, give us a call to see what’s coming.

Take the Next Step

Find out how a Winnebago commercial shell can be the ideal foundation for your application: Please email us here, or speak with one of our commercial shell specialists at (800) 492-9135.

Contact Us

Find the right platform for your application.

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Accessibility Enhanced RVs

For decades, Winnebago has built motorhomes specially designed to enhance the safety, comfort and privacy of wheelchair travelers. To learn more about our Accessibility Enhanced models, please click here, or speak with one of our specialists at (800) 492-9135.

Winnebago Forza Accessibility Enhanced RV

Our Specialty Vehicle Lineup