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Every coach—from our smallest Class C to our largest diesel-pusher model—is built to Winnebago Industries’® legendary SuperStructure construction design. It’s a process developed and refined over more than 60 years of building some of the strongest, most durable coaches in the industry.

  1. Fiberglass Roof The crowned, one-piece fiberglass roof is backed by a limited 10-year parts-and-labor roof skin warranty. 
  2. Thermo-Panel® Sidewalls By layering fiberglass and high-density block foam insulation with welded aluminum support structures, we create some of the industry’s strongest, most durable and lightweight sidewalls.
  3. E-Coating An electrodeposition coating helps protect critical steel components.
  4. Embedded Steel Metal substructures embedded into the sidewall provide solid attachment points to keep cabinets and appliances mounted securely in place.
  5. Solid Framework Structural extruded aluminum creates an extremely strong solid frame.
  6. Laser-Cut Tubing Precision laser cutters create precise joints in structural steel that are stronger and require less welding.
  7. Interlocking Joints Specially engineered interlocking joints connect the floor, sidewalls and roof where competitors often rely on simple screws to bear the weight.