The Travato’s full galley includes a two-burner range top with a glass cover and microwave oven (59G) or a microwave/convection oven (59K) to handle cooking duties, while the stainless steel sink with a glass cover makes cleanup a breeze. Corian® countertops with a countertop extension add visual appeal as well as room for food prep, and the standard cold water filtration system provides clean water for cooking and drinking.


  • Corian® countertop
  • Flip-up countertop extension (59G)
  • Microwave oven w/touch controls (59G)
  • Microwave/convection oven w/touch controls (59K)
  • 2-burner range top w/glass cover and heat shield
  • Refrigerator/freezer, compressor-driven 110/12-volt (59K)
  • Refrigerator/freezer, ​LP/110/12-volt (w/removable freezer unit) (59G)
  • Stainless steel sink w/glass cover (The 59K also includes dishpan, cutting board, drain pan, and silverware rack)
  • Cold water filtration system (galley)
  • Cabinets and overhead storage