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Few coaches provide the flexibility to select your features and styles like the Spirit. Start by picking from six floorplans, which range from 24 to 33 feet that include a traditional dinette (25B, 31D, 31G), U-shaped dinette (22R, 26A, 31K), and a sofa/bed (NA 22R, 26A) with soft Primera fabric that has a leather-like feel and performance. Add the available Premium Package (NA 22R, 25B) for a host of upgrades such as MCD solar/blackout roller shades, window treatment upgrades, and a larger HDTV (31K).


  • Amplified digital HDTV antenna
  • Pleated night shades (lounge, dinette, and bedroom)
  • Mini blinds (galley, bath)
  • Systems monitor panel
  • Roof vent (bedroom and front bunk area)
  • Blackout cab divider curtain (22R, 25B, 31G)
  • Front wraparound curtain (26A, 31D, 31K)
  • Tinted windows
  • Vinyl ceiling
  • USB charger (dinette and bedroom)
  • LED lighting
  • 32" HDTV w/DVD player
  • Vinyl flooring throughout
  • Assist bar

Optional Equipment

  • Dual-glazed, thermo-insulated windows (NA 25B w/E350 Chassis)
  • Sofa sleeper (31D, 31K)